WDW Training Center

Introduction and Services:

The Founder and President of the corporation is Peggy Pope and together with staff/instructors and volunteers (mostly women) have worked hard to promote and expand training into neighboring communities and cities in adjacent states.  The main goal has been to help women, seniors, teen girls and kids learn to defend themselves but has expanded to include couples/family training; basically co-ed.    

Courses and shoot meet info:

  • Situational Awareness, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence training; references available
  • Home Invasion Preparedness, securing the home & personal defense - armed or unarmed
  • Nevada CCW Permit class, resident or non-resident Concealed Carry Weapon permit
  • Post CCW Retention & Presentation training: practical application of carrying concealed with awareness, survival mindset, evasive/defensive maneuvers, the proper draw-stroke with simulation & firing-line training
  • Beginners/Brush-up shooting class: safe gun handling, various types of handguns, aim-stance-grip, accessories, concealed/range holsters, ammo & firing-line training
  • Defensive Pistol 101: defensive mindset, marksmanship skills, presentation, movement & scoring drills, speed/tactical loading and clearing malfunctions
  • Defensive Pistol shoot meets with ongoing support
  • Self-defense training: awareness development, survival mindset, evasive/defensive maneuvers, leverage/pressure points techniques, and other forms of weaponry
  • Kids self-defense training; references available
  • Private lessons for individuals, organizations and groups

Many women attend the training who have been attacked, have a history of abuse and violence or are concerned over becoming a target.  Some are intimidated over handling a firearm for the first time but become confident through the learning process then sharpen their skills by participating in practice shoot meets, or hand-to-hand training. 

WDW Training Center future:

The vision is for some day to have our own facilities with classrooms, offices for staff and a shooting range.  The hope is to also have a retail shop where women can find firearms & accessories including concealed holster/purse options and other types of weaponry especially for them.

We have given self-defense training to attendee's at our local behavior health center and look to invite abused and financially underprivileged/traumatized women here for training.  This can be accomplished with support from our fundraising and requests for donations efforts.  We also look to train some of the aforementioned to be instructors as well.