WDW Training Center

Mission Statement: 

WDW training center is a not-for-profit, 501c3, organization

committed to teaching women, teens & kids various types of self-defense.


Women become self-sufficient and empowered through our endeavors thus learning to defend themselves and if necessary their loved ones in the event of an attack.


We have adopted and honed specific skill's geared towards teaching the various groups of women from kids and teens, everyday moms & working women, teenagers going off to college to seniors living alone and abused women living in shelters. 

Women are trained in self-defense (both armed and unarmed), to be alert, aware of their surroundings and most importantly prepared mentally for the unknown - the mindset of a survivor.

We wish to add that we are the proud recipient of a generous 2017 & 2018NRA Foundation Grant, the much needed merchandise and funds are greatly appreciated.  Thank you NRA Foundation and the Friends of NRA fundraising efforts, the grant award is just the support we needed to help  promote via other fundraising efforts. 

Please, everybody, join the NRA, they are a great organization and protector of our 2nd amendment rights - see link below: